Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fider 0.16 released with Public API, delete comments and other improvements

#1: Public API

For a long time, the Public API has been the most wanted feature on Fider. We're now happy to share that the API is live and ready to be used.

The Public API allows site owners to perform different actions via a programmatic interface. The API uses common web standards like REST, HTTP and JSON to make it easier for anyone to integrate with Fider. Visit the Official API documentation to learn more about it.

If you have any suggestion on how to improve the API, share it with us on

#2: Delete Comments

It's now possible to delete comments on Fider. This allows site owners to clean up inappropriate or abusive messages. Users are only allowed to delete their own comments, but staff members can delete any comment.

Moderating the site and cleaning up negative messages is a very important process. Fider is meant to be a space for collaborative work and growth, so we'll deploy and enhance with tools that allows you to fight back internet trolls and spammers.

#3: Fider on a Diet

We've made various improvements that allowed us to reduce our frontend build time and bundle size.

Build Time~20s~8s-60%
CSS Size (uncompressed)172 KiB115 KiB-33%
JavaScript Size (uncompressed)662 KiB398 KiB-40%

Fider is now able to run faster than before on all devices and network, while delivering the same great experience and features.

And that's not all! We have a few other tasks on our backlog to improve this even further. Stay tuned!


October has been an exciting month for us! Since the start of Hacktoberfest our list of new contributors has grown a lot. We're very happy to have everyone aboard and we're looking forward to have more and more contributors!

A number of improvements have been made — and other are on the pipeline — to make Fider easier to setup and start contributing to it.

Other Changes on Fider 0.16

  • feature: add sitemap.xml (#558)
  • feature: Add Support for Persisting Audit Events (#551)
  • enhancement: use sqlautocert instead of local cache folder (#566)
  • enhancement: Add ErrorBoundary and ShowError to handle React exceptions (#549)
  • fix: SVG are black on Firefox and MS Edge (#497)
  • fix: Invalid posts should return a 404 and not a 500 (#589)
  • fix: Some browsers are not persisting __oauth_identifier cookie (#519)
  • fix: Missing SMTP settings responds with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and no logs (#516)
  • fix: social buttons with larger text (#582)
  • fix: return charset on HTTP Headers (#572)
  • fix: send EHLO during SMTP connection (#525)
  • fix: correctly position the burger menu toggle at the top right corner (#587)
  • refactor: replace Make with Mage (#534)
  • chore: fix typos in comments, variables and function names (#565)
  • docs: better contributing guide (#574)
  • tooling: add .nvmrc (#546)
  • tooling: update to Go 1.11.1 and enable SameSite=Lax (#552)

What's next?

Help us shape the future of Fider. Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next.