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Create a community of users who feedback, vote and discuss the features that really matter to them. Take the guesswork out, learn and build features they really need.

We use our own product as well 😊

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Features and Voting

How to track feature requests and get feedback on your product.

Take the guesswork out of which features to build next

Share ideas, vote and discuss
Give voice to your community, get valuable suggestions and prioritize what they need the most.
Keep everyone informed
Whenever you start, complete or decline a suggestion, Fider will notify everyone that subscribed to that topic.
One click sign in
Visitors are only one click away from contributing! Sign in via Facebook, Google, GitHub, Azure AD, Twitch, Discord or any other OAuth2 provider.
Private Site
You can choose to control access to your site by making it Private.
Your Brand
Use custom CSS feature to style Fider the way you want. Your logo, your colors, your identity.
Public API
Leverage our complete API and have total control to integrate Fider into your process.
Fider can integrate with any system that supports Webhook, such as Slack and Discord.
We speak your language! Fider is translated in 10+ languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese!
Organize your content
Tag your content to make it easier to find, group and decide. Tags can be either Public or Private.
Style your text with the popular Markdown markup language.
Your own domain
When using our hosted service, you can use your own domain and get a free TLS certificate to keep it secure.
Open Source
Fider is 100% Open Source.

How does it work?

Three simple steps to understand the workflow.



Sign up to create your own feedback site. Customize it with your own logo, colors and text.



Invite people to your new Fider site so they can suggest new ideas, submit feature requests or report issues they have with your product.



Keep your audience in the loop by responding to their suggestions. Users will be notified of updates on their topics of interest.

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  • Your own domain

  • Brand Customization

  • Developer API

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