Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fider 0.4 released with markdown and customizable text

1. Redesign

The home page has been redesigned to make better use of the large screens on desktops, while keeping it clean and simple on mobile and tablets.

Fider 0.3.0
Fider 0.4.0

2. Ideas filter

While on home page you'll now be able to filter and sort ideas based on commonly used criteria.

This will help you quickly find most wanted ideas and those that are currently trending!

3. Markdown support

Let's be honest. Plain text is boring. Why not formatting and adding some style to your content?

Starting with Fider 0.4.0, some fields will have Markdown support so you can do things just like the following image.

Markdown has been fully enabled for Idea Descriptions and partially for Comments to avoid abuse and keep the thread clean.

Head over to to learn more about Markdown syntax.

4. Customized home page

I heard you don't like our default welcome message, is that true? No worries, that's perfectly fine. You know your visitors better than us, so we've just enabled some administration settings so that you can change some messages that are displayed on home page.

Just click on your profile on top right corner and navigate to Administration. You'll see a page just like the following image where you'll be able to change some settings. As you can see, Markdown is enabled for the Welcome Message. Use it wisely!

How to update

Running an old Fider version? Don't worry, the upgrade process is just a matter of updating your Docker container to the latest stable image on Docker Hub. Use getfider/fider:stable to make sure you're always running the stable version.

What's next?

It's up to you!

Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next!