Saturday, March 16, 2019

Fider 0.18 has been released with attachments and better SEO

#1: Image Attachments

This is the third version in a row that we have delivered our most wanted feature, which in this version was Image Attachments on Posts and Comments 🎉

This new feature that allows users to upload up to 3 images when submitting a new post or comment.

Staff members still have full control over the post/comment and can delete or replace any uploaded image.

#2: Better SEO (experimental)

For those who are new to Fider, it's important to know that Fider is a client-side rendered application built with React. When a Search Engine like Google or Bing fetches a page served by Fider, they get minimal HTML content, some JSON metadata and some JavaScript files that render the page based on the metadata.

Some engines have a lower priority when indexing pages that are client-side rendered, which can affect the SEO ranking.

Dynamic rendering is a process of serving different contents based on request. The idea is that a SEO crawler would get receive a server-side rendered result because that's what they prefer, while an end user browser would still perform the rendering client-side. For more details on Dynamic rendering, visit

Because SEO is an important aspect for Fider, we've decided to improve this area by creating an open source prerender service called Rendergun. This new release of Fider has a native integration with Rendergun, but is not yet documented. We'll update our documtation page once this has been tested and is stable enough.

If you're self-hosting a Fider instance and would like to experiment this as well, please get in touch with us

Other Changes on Fider 0.18

  • feature: prerender crawler requests if rendergun is configured (#724)
  • feature: add attachments to comments (#734)
  • feature: image attachments on Posts (#719)
  • feature: upload custom avatar (#699)
  • feature: user can choose between Letter and Gravatar (#697)
  • feature: S3, SQL and File System as blob storage (#681)
  • feature: option to set site under maintenance (#679)
  • enhancement: make show more a link (SEO) (#667)
  • enhancement: set canonical link on HTML (#675)
  • enhancement: improve Post query performance (#686)
  • enhancement: configurable max/idle database connections (#676)
  • enhancement: implement touch icons (#677)
  • enhancement: health check should ping database (#680)
  • enhancement: cache gravatar response (#564)
  • enhancement: replace googleplus (deprecated) with google api (#693)
  • design: minor UI fixes (#682)
  • tooling: update all NPM packages (#729)
  • fix: use rendergun on React pages only and block ads (#728)
  • fix: write logs on a separate goroutine (#725)
  • fix: sanitize input before parsing markdown (#727)
  • fix: allow duplicate ID when post is deleted (#715)
  • fix: use double quotes (#712)
  • fix: increase custom CSS priority (#706)
  • fix: force min/max size values (#698)
  • fix: handle invalid ServerNames during SSL handshake (#689)
  • fix: don't set cookies on cached content (#674)
  • fix: don't cache the assets base url (#669)
  • fix: incorrect order of parameters (#668)
  • docs: windows dev environment common issues (#605)

What's next?

Help us shape the future of Fider. Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next.