Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fider 0.14 released with improved foundation and minor features

In this release we've focused on technical improvements, but we managed to deliver minor features as well. This is a necessary step towards building a product that can be further enhanced with new features.

#1: Filter ideas that I voted

We've included a new filter option: My Votes. This option will show all ideas that the current signed in user has already voted on. It is only available for signed in users

#2: Make comment optional when responding to an idea

Previously, when respoding to an idea, it was required to input a comment. With v0.14, this comment is now optional.

#3: Experimental Support for CDN

We've introduced new settings that allow administrators to use a CDN to speed up delivery of static assets. This feature is still experimental and will be documented on next release.

Breaking Changes on Fider 0.14

This version doesn't introduce any breaking change.

Other Changes on Fider 0.14

  • enhancement: output logs to other systems (#330)
  • enhancement: Replace current database migrator with custom (#401)
  • tooling: Update Go, Node and NPM packages (#422)
  • refactoring: General React refactoring (#423)
  • fix: concurrency issue on dbx (#424)
  • enhancement: Remove support for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and old ciphers (#404)
  • enhancement: Add Expire Date to all JWT Tokens (#407)
  • enhancement: Improve Performance on Home Page (#403)
  • enhancement: Markdown links should open in new tab (#402)
  • refactoring: Remove arrow functions from React components (#192)
  • refactoring: Enable tslint rule: jsx-no-lambda (#181)

What's next?

Help us shape the future of Fider. Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next.