Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fider 0.13 released with custom branding and legal compliance

#1: Custom Branding

First thing we'd like to highlight is that administratrors are now able to upload a logo for the site. This logo is shown on different places, like the Header, the error pages, favicon and also on social links. We highly recommend everyone to upload a company/product logo as this will result in a much nicer social sharing experience.

The other big addition is the Custom CSS, which allows administrators to write their own CSS to change the design of nearly everything on the site. Because it requires CSS knowledge, it can be an advanced feature for some people, but on the other hand, it's the easiest way to allow site owners to customize their site.

#2: Legal Compliance

As most people are probably aware by now, it's GDPR month and everyone is rushing to get their environment compliant with the Law.

Security and Privacy is something that goes beyond the tools companies use, it's about how they use it and all the processes they have around it. Nevertheless, we have implemented two features that will help administrators to be compliant.

First feature is Delete my account, which allows users to delete their own accounts. This is a permanent process that erases all personal data and a few other activities they performed on the site, however it does not delete Ideas or Comments made by the users, but rather just anonymize them. This is to ensure that the structure and the content of the site remains intact. Ideas and Comments are not meant to have personal data, which is why we encourage administrators to always edit comments/ideas in order to remove such information.

The second feature is Custom Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, which allows hosts to upload their own version of these legal documents. Once configured, these documents will always be visible during registration and sign in process. This is a non-mandatory step when self-hosting Fider, but highly recommended for everyone. Visit our How to show Legal Pages documentation page to learn how to configure it.

Breaking Changes on Fider 0.13

For those who are using TLS/SSL certificates on Fider, please be aware that we have updated how we get the certificates. Please visit our How to configure SSL/TLS documentation page for an updated version.

Other Changes on Fider 0.13

  • enhancement: group tags and order by name (#366)
  • enhancement: prevent user from losing pending comment on page refresh (#185)
  • enhancement: dump process status upon request (#364)
  • enhancement: handle process terminations gracefully (#364)
  • tooling: update Node and Go dependencies (#361)
  • refactoring: replace gomega with custom test package (#288)
  • enhancement: Include HealthCheck on Docker images (#363)

What's next?

Help us shape the future of Fider. Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next.