Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fider 0.10 released with notifications system and more

1. Web and Email Notifications

This has been, for a long time, the most wanted feature of Fider. The notification system is based on a subscription model where users are only notified about ideas they subscribed to. This can be done manually by clicking on "Subscribe" or automatically whenever they vote or comment on it.

As for Collaborators and Administrators, they automatically subscribe to all ideas, although it's possible to unsubscribe from each idea individually.

Last but not least, a notification system is not complete if there's no way to turn it off, which is why all users have the option to configure which events they want to be notified about on each channel (web and email).

2. Show similar ideas as you type a new one

We now filter and suggest similar ideas as the user types a new one so they can vote on an existing idea instead of creating a new one. We hope that this will reduce the number of duplicate posts you receive. But even if the user decides to post a duplicate idea, you can still mark it as duplicate.

Our first contribution!

Hellslicer fixed Fider when running behind a TLS termination proxy (#254). Thanks for the contribution and we hope to see more bug reports and hopefully pull requests as well!

How to update

Running an old Fider version? Don't worry, the upgrade process is just a matter of updating your Docker container to the latest stable image on Docker Hub. Use getfider/fider:stable to make sure you're always running the stable version.

Notice! Some environment variables have been renamed. Before updating your container, please check the latest docs and update your settings accordingly.

What's next?

It's up to you!

Visit our feedback forum and raise your voice. Tell us what to do next!